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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Negro Leagues - NEWARK EAGLES 1937

The Eagles were formed in 1936 when Abe Manley, a numbers operator, and his wife Effa Manley, owners and founders of the Brooklyn Eagles, purchased the Newark Dodgers and combined them. Effa, managed the Eagles making them the first professional team owned and operated by a woman. Despite Larry Doby, Ray Dandridge, Leon Day, Monte Irvin, Don Newcombe and the great 1946 team that won the Negro World Series from Monarchs this team was very much Effa’s story. A beautiful woman who wore many of the fashions of the day, one player remembered “Her bunt signal was she’d cross her legs. One batter got so excited watching her legs that he got hit in the head with a ball and was knocked unconscious.” Her gravestone reads She Loved Baseball. . All Navy Wool Navy Cap, 3” Firm Visor, Navy Embroidery on Gold Felt Logo.

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