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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - MINNEAPOLIS MILLERS 1938

In ’38 Ted Williams wasn’t happy about being sent to Minneapolis instead of debuting at Boston. To make things worse, the manager and the cocky, self-assured, ” lovable little tiger”, had a tough time getting along. Rogers Hornsby was batting instructor, however, and Ted bonded with him. He played right field for the Millers and every day practiced with Hornsby who still while pushing fifty couldn’t get enough of it. “We’d have contests where he’d be hitting one line drive after another.” Williams had a standout year with the Millers, and enjoyed the hell out of it. Ted was going to be a star. That was a cinch. He hit the longest home run in American Association history, won the Triple Crown, hit in 21 straight and said he wanted to stay in Minneapolis for another year at least. “I’m not ready for the major leagues.” He stayed the winter in Minnesota hunting and fishing, but next spring he was in Boston. All Navy Wool Cap, 3” Visor, Red Felt logo.

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